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Free Return Address Labels
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    Last Updated on August 25, 2017
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    Free Return Address Labels.
    With this option, you can also upload your own photo (for a small additional fee).
    (These free address labels are available through VistaPrint's Australia website,
    but please note that for U.S. customers, they are shipped from the U.S.)


    Free Caricature Return Address Labels.
    (These free address labels are available through VistaPrint's Australia website,
    but please note that for U.S. customers, they are shipped from the U.S.)

    Vistaprint is currently offering some excellent values!

    140 Free Return Address Labels (a $7.99 value)
    or 140 Free Family Caricature Address Labels (a $7.99 value)
    or Free Offers: Labels, Business Cards, Postcards, T-shirts, and More

    Please check our Menu (on the left of this page) for more Free Printing links.

    We also have some examples of various types of return address labels:

    The address labels are available as either

    • 140 Free Return Address Labels
      (with hundreds of designs to choose from) or as
    • 140 Free Family Caricature Labels
      (with a customized caricature for each family member).

    VistaPrint also offers free business cards, free business card magnets, free postcards, a free rubber address stamp, or other Monthly Specials.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Are these products really free?

    Yes, these products are really free! You pay only a small shipping and processing fee and for any product upgrades that you may desire.

    The shipping and processing fee starts at $3.08 for Return Address Labels and increases for heavier items or if you order multiple items on a single order. The Vistaprint website even includes a link where you can "Get an instant quote including shipping and processing costs."

    How can Vistaprint do this?

    Vistaprint is a leading online supplier or high-quality customized printed products for small businesses and consumers. Because of the sheer volume of orders, Vistaprint is able to operate very efficiently, achieve economies of scale, and offer high quality products at a low cost.

    Vistaprint would like you to try their products (for free, even!), because they believe that you will appreciate the quality and value of their products, the convenience of online ordering, and the ability to choose from thousands or designs or design your own. They want you to be a regular Vistaprint customer.

    Can I include a photo or logo?

    Yes, most of their products give you the ability to browse and select an existing design (which may then be customized), to upload a complete design, or to build a custom design of your own. You can choose to use your own image or logo or to search Vistaprint's extensive library of images.

    With some of the products, there is a small charge to upload your own photo or logo; however, once you have paid that upload fee, you can then use that uploaded photo/logo over and over (on the same product or other products) with no further upload fees. For some of our special links to free Vistaprint products, however, even the photo/logo upload fee is waived.

    How soon will I receive my order?

    When you checkout, you have the option of selecting 7 day, 14 day, or 21 day shipping; obviously the shipping costs will be higher for the expedited shipping. To minimize our costs, we normally select the 21 day shipping, but even with that, we have at times received items as fast as 10 days (but, of course, you can't count on that).

    Can I order free products multiple times?

    Yes, you sure can. Usually, on a given order, however, you can only order 1 set of a particular free item. In other words, you cannot order two sets of free address labels on a single order.

    You can, however, for example, place an order for a set of free return address labels, then by returning again here to WithAWeb.com and using our special Free Return Address Labels link to Vistaprint, place an additional order for another set of Free Address Labels, either the same design or a new design. (Note: Vistaprint will save your initial design, so when you return and login to Vistaprint again, it is very easy to re-order any items that you have previously ordered.

    If you are wanting to order larger quantities, however, we recommend that you visit our Free & Discount Printing page, where we have special links for 50-75% off various Vistaprint products.

    What products have you ordered from Vistaprint?

    We first heard about Vistaprint in 2003 when their primary product was business cards. You could order 250 business cards for free (you still can!), just paying $5.25 for shipping and processing (it's $5.67 now). Wow - that's only about 2 cents each for full color business cards (compared to the black & white cards we had been using)!

    We were very impressed - not only with the excellent price, but also the quality of the color printing and of the cards stock itself. A few months later, we ordered some free business cards for our local church. The following year, we decided to upgrade and ordered premium business cards, including our family photo on the front (and every year since, we have ordered another set of premium business cards with an updated family photo).

    We had also seen some caricature return address labels and so we decided to order them from Vistaprint also. We had fun custom-designing a special caricature for each of our familly members. We ordered several sets of those caricature return address labels and continue to use them.

    As Vistaprint expanded their product line, we have ordered many of their products. Besides the business cards and address labels, we currently utilize their postcards, oversized postcards, business cards magnets, hats, car magnets, banners, mouse pads, rubber stamps, sticky notes, and notepads on an ongoing basis.

    We've ordered products for our own use, as well as for gifts to others. Since 2003, we've placed many orders with Vistaprint and have been very impressed overall with the quality and value we've received. We think you'll be impressed too!

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