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    Last Updated on June 11, 2019
    Privacy Policy

    OneSuite - Inexpensive Long Distance
    OneSuite offers an inexpensive long distance service with U.S. rates starting at 2.5 cents per minute (using a local number) or 2.9 cents per minute with a toll-free number. And there is no monthly fee! We personally maintain a OneSuite for use in quasi-emergency situations - whenever we have to make a phone call from a payphone (for example, when waiting for someone to pick us up at the airport, having arrived from overseas without our cellphone).

    Net 10
    Net 10 offers prepaid cell phones where you can buy minutes for 10 cents each. No bills, no contracts, no activation fee, no cancellation fee.

    When you purchase minutes, you are also purchasing or extending the service period of your phone. For example, you can buy 300 minutes and 60 days of service for $30.00, or you can buy 1500 minutes and 180 days of service for $100.

    NET10 - Free $20 Gift Card

    TracFone also offers prepaid phones for about 10 cents per minute. For the best value, we recommend either buying a phone that comes with double minutes (for life) or else purchasing their 1 year double minutes card.

    ABellTolls - Long Distance Comparison
    ABellTolls provides information and rates for various long distance providers, as well as information relating to long distance services, calling cards, and scams.