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    Last Updated on June 11, 2019
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    Free ISP Database
    If you are looking for a free or discount internet service provider, the All Free ISP site has such a database, sorted by state and area code. Apparently, the site used to just list free internet service providers, but has since started including discount providers, since some of the free ISPs have disappeared and others either no longer offer free service, include advertising, and/or limit the number of free hours.

    NetZero will let you get to the Net for Zero dollars, but only for 10 hours per month. They also offer a premium (i.e., not free) service (which they will encourage you to upgrade to).

    Like NetZero, Juno offers a free internet service with 10 hours per month; they also offer a range of premium services. Looking at the Juno website, it is so similar to the NetZero site that I'm wondering if both services may now belong to the same parent company.

    695 Online
    695Online provides a low cost internet service. Their plans start at $6.95 per month for 100 hours/month of internet access; they also offer unlimited hours for $9.95/month.